Ebonus : from BIG to SMALL DATA (Usage-Based-Insurance)
Friday, 14 March 2014

 As the cost of technology has steadily declined over the last three years prompting insurers to explore usage-based insurance, issues of data storage and security have begun to pose serious problems. Anticipating a rapid increase in the number of “connected cars “ (vehicles with wireless internet access), many suppliers of telematic solutions have been considering instituting standards appropriate for the “Big Data” era while avoiding creating costly, energy-guzzling data-storage facilities.  

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ACT Concepts interview by Andrew Tolve (TelematicsUpdate)
Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Smartphones as an incentive for insurance telematics

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        Of all the insurance telematics solutions to surface in the past three years, smartphones have been conspicuously absent from the party. This is partly because not all drivers own smartphones, and there's little sense in making a telematics solution dependent on another solution that a large percentage of drivers lack.